Modifying Your Account

Editing Account Details

Account details can be edited under account settings.

  • A profile picture can be added
  • Associated email address can be changed
  • Name can be changed

Associated Emails

I want to add another email to my SyRF account

To add another email address to your SyRF account go to Account Settings > Associated Emails and click ‘ADD’. You can enter another email address and follow the instructions to verify it. Verification is required to confirm that this email belongs to you.

Deactivating Your Account

SyRF users can deactivate their account at any time in their account settings.

What Happens When You Deactivate Your Account?

Your Personal Data

  • We will NOT delete any of your data. You can re-activate your account by signing in again.
  • We will continue to retain your personal data (i.e. email address and name) to allow you to re-activate your account if and when you choose to.


  • Deactivated accounts will NOT receive any emails from SyRF.
  • If you have contributed to a SyRF project, it is your responsibility to make sure the project admin has an email which they can use to contact you. Failure to do so may mean that you will not receive credit or be notified of any publications that you have contributed data to.

Contributions to SyRF Projects

  • We will NOT delete any of your contributions to SyRF Projects (e.g. screening decisions or annotations).