Quantitative Data Export & Other Updates

We have further updated SyRF’s data export functionality. The following updates are of particular note to project administrators:

New feature: Quantitative Data Export

Quantitative Data Export is now available.

New field: DateTimeOfScreening(s)

New fields have been added for each screening data export:

This represents the date the screening was made by a given user.

New field: DateTimeAnnotated

New field “DateTimeAnnotated” has been added for each annotation data export:

This represents the date the annotation was made by a given user.

Consistent ISO date formats

Dates in all file exports are now given in ISO format (International Standards Organisation).

N.B.: Local Excel settings may impact how this is displayed.

Explore all Data Dictionaries for available exports here.

Improved data export documentation

The data export documentation in the help guide has been significantly improved and now includes guidance on the changes above as well as detailed data dictionaries defining all fields present in the data exports.