Stage Settings

To find out more about what stages are, click here.

Administrators only

Administrators can Add a Stage. Read more about how to add a stage here.

Once a stage is added, administrators can edit the settings of that stage by selecting the “Stage name” > Settings from the side navigation pane.

Under Settings you can enable the stage by switching the ‘Enable Stage’ button. Enabling a stage allows members of the project to begin reviewing in that stage. You can temporarily disable whilst you configure the stage, and re-enable when ready.

Stage Enable

Review Mode

Under Review Mode you can include Screening, Annotation and Data Extraction in the stage by selecting these modes using the check boxes. You can decide which elements to add to your stage, e.g. screening, annotation and/or data extraction.

Screening Settings can be edited by clicking the link ‘Click for editing screening settings’. If you choose both screening and annotation, you will be asked to choose how to combine these tasks under Study Selection Settings.

Specifically, the options are:

  • All studies require screening, but annotation is optional
  • All studies require annotation, but screening is optional
  • All studies require both screening and annotation

Read more about these options in Stages.

Stage Options

Note that it is not possible to delete a Stage once it has been added to project. It is only possible to edit the settings of the stage including disabling the stage so that it is not available to Reviewers on the project.